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Hiring Celebrities as Visiting Professors 如今,明星凭着高颜值和高人气,牢牢抓住少年少女的心,成为吸金利器。有的明星则凭借优厚实力和人格魅力征服大众,比如浙江大学人文学院兼职教授就是我们敬爱的孙悟空扮演者六小龄童。

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Hiring Celebrities as Visiting Professors
1. 目前有不少大学请明星当客座教授
2. 对这一现象人们看法不同
3. 我的看法


Hiring Celebrities as Visiting Professors

Nowadays, it is not rare that celebrities from all works of life are employed as guest professors in universities. And we can always see reports about this in newspapers, magazines and other news media.

Some people see it as a win-win situation. On the one hand, celebrities can share their successful stories with students, which can broaden students’ horizon and inspire them to work harder. On the other hand, being visiting professors of universities, the celebrities can make themselves known to more people. However, other people disapprove this practice. They argue that universities’ attention of inviting celebrities to be professors is to enhance the schools’ fame instead of improving the quality of education, and some celebrities are not qualified to be professors.

In my view, just as a coin has two sides, the inviting of celebrities as guest professors has both good and bad effects. Thus I think colleges should evaluate the possible results thoroughly, and their choices should be based on the improvement of teaching standards and students’ development.

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